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Ultimate Self-Injury Recovery Masterpost!



It’s cool to see a post that isn’t ‘don’t hurt yourself in the first place!!’ but is actually giving you geniune, helpful advice for recovery and caring for yourself



so my animation professor has worked on all of the major disney movies like lion king, little mermaid, aladdin, beauty and the beast etc.

and he was talking about the issues a lot of disney stories have and how the writers kinda just shrugged about them and hoped people wouldnt notice and PEOPLE DID


like he said one time when they were doing a panel a little girl asked why ariel couldn’t just WRITE ERIC A LETTER TELLING HIM IT WAS HER WHO SAVED HIM B/C SHE SIGNED URSULA’S CONTRACT WHICH MEANS SHE COULD WRITE and all of the animators n writers just skipped over her question

and another time they were questioned about princess and the frog and how charlotte coulda just helped tiana with her restaurant b/c she’s rich and they’re friends so yanno

but the writers just sorta laughed nervously

these stories make me laugh b/c so many people try and say dont pay attention to the issues some disney movies have b/c they’re for little kids and little kids can’t think critically > v >

  ahh yes good times

the writers kinda just shrugged about them and hoped people wouldnt notice

The Hollywood standard for storytelling: hope people aren’t paying attention to the story, distract them with loud noises and pretty things.



Hi guys, I really need your help. This instagram user has been stealing and reposting artwork without permission. I’ve tried contacting them - before I’d ever been aware of their account they had blocked me, presumably because they saw I post my own art on my instagram and knew I wouldn’t want others doing it. So I set up another account today, messaged them and they deleted my comment without responding and temporarily made their account private.

A friend of mine messaged them about her art, and they basically said “You’re posting it online, this means anyone can do anything they want with it.” They then blocked her and posted her picture yet again in screenshot format, tagging her in a comment so that she’d see it but be unable to respond.

They know what they’re doing is wrong, and without your help they’re going to continue doing it. What’s worse is that there are people defending the thief when I speak up.

If you have an instagram account, can you leave a comment or even better, report them? Their copyright report system is so complicated so I understand if you don’t want to navigate all those pages, but even reporting as a scam/spam is as simple as a click and it’ll hopefully draw instagram’s attention to the matter.

I’d be so grateful for a signal boost, guys. I really appreciate you even reading this. It’s so disheartening as an artist to just watch this happen.

See that bolded section?

Like, I cannot believe how brazen this user is, they’re deliberately antagonising the artists they’re stealing from.

It’s sickening.

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